The Art of Cheat


Sandra Decaigny , Staff Writer

Cheat is a card  game, better known by a crude name that is entirely inappropriate for school. Yet this game brings out all the greed and vengeance found in an individual.

The goal is to lie.

Somehow throughout this entire year I have found myself playing this game. We have found ourselves improving upon the preferred methods of cheating, including placing cards into the folds of our clothing.

The individual who thought up such a creative technique describes her epiphany. “I just started sticking cards in my pockets, then everyone noticed,” she said. Now every individual prefers this act.

Another method for winning includes eyeing the adjacent person’s cards. Yours truly participates in this endeavor more than I care to admit. One person in particular commented on my nasty habit stating, “I wish you would stop.” Sorry, Jack, I will not.

There is an art of strategy associated with the game.  While some are more extobary at cheating, others are commonly entitled to possessing the ace of spades. My individual group nominated and choose superlatives for the cheat group.

Most likely to cheat (never short of creativity when it comes to methods of cheating): Olivia

Most likely to call it out (gutsy and never afraid to call the play): Sandra

The ace of spades (unanimous; always to possess the ace of spades): Jack

The liar (not creative in her methods of cheating but could have an Oscar in acting): Emily

The overall best player (tied; the deciding vote was due to the fact that she has hustled them half the year):  Sandra

This game might seem childish and insignificant, but the very fact I have played all year will place it forever in high esteem. This game will forever be in my heart.