Our New Favorite Cafe Craze

A review of Devivo Bros. Eater;y

The Uber Americans are back at it again and unfortunately for the last time. We know we will be greatly missed by by all of our readers so we decided for our last review to go out with a bang, and go to… (drum roll please) Devivo Bros. Eatery!

Unlike me, Natalie and Cindy had previously gone to Devivo Bros., so I was the only newbie this time around. I had heard great things about this restaurant so I was really excited to try it out. I was initially surprised by the size of the place. From the outside, I thought it would have been much bigger, but from the inside it was pretty small. Aside from the size, I really liked the overall atmosphere because it had a quaint, homey feel to it. When looking at the menu, it was a really tough decision to decide on one thing. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, but since we were there at 9 am I felt it was best to try their breakfast. After much consideration, I decided on getting the biscuits and gravy. After a short wait, the food came out and I could not wait to dive in. The biscuits and gravy were really good and I would highly recommend getting them. Overall, Devivo Bros. did not disappoint and I will definitely be going back.

Basically, if I had to sum up Devivo Bros. in one sentence it would be, holy smokes talk about some fresh, flavorful, beautiful food. Walking in you are welcomed by not only friendly employees but an immense amount of sunlight that warms your heart and relaxes you. With an enormous menu, you are bound to find something,whether it be salad, pasta, pizza, or a hearty sandwich it is all there. I ordered shrimp pasta and a basil strawberry lemonade which was phenomenal. My pasta was fresh in a warm creamy sauce with mini shrimp. It melted my taste buds. The strawberry basil lemonade danced on my taste buds. This was my first time drinking lemonade with basil, and boy, do I recommend it. My drink tasted like summer in a cup with a kick of basil. My mouth drools as I think about it; please, get it. Fresh strawberries are used as with their other foods, everything is fresh. Unfortunately I was so full there was not room in my stomach for dessert, but man, I sure wish there was. They had chocolate cakes, fruit pies, and even cookies the size of your face. If you like fresh food with good customer service, then I suggest fully in taking a drove to Devivo Bros. Eatery which is in the same shopping area as the Quicktrip and Double Dave’s Pizzaworks by the railroad tracks in Fort Worth ( it is like five minutes from Keller High School).

Devivo Bros. is one of my favorite places to go out to breakfast, and so I already knew what I wanted to get to eat: the chicken and waffles. It came out on a large plate with a big waffle and piece of fried chicken on top with a side of syrup. I also would suggest getting a side of gravy to with it for those of you who like chicken and waffles because it’s super creamy and goes very well with the meal. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this breakfast definitely started my day out right. Like Natalie, it was my first time trying the strawberry basil lemonade, and the refreshing drink is no doubt my favorite drink on the menu now. Like always, my experience there was exceptional and you can bet I’ll be back this summer for more strawberry basil lemonade, chicken and waffles, and trying other things on the menu. That’s it for this edition of our Uber American food reviews. We will always love our fans!!!

-N,C, & J