5 Years Since ‘channel ORANGE’

Yanne Diogenes, Staff Writer

This summer, Frank Ocean’s debut studio album channel ORANGE turns five years old. It’s been five years since Ocean first blessed our ears with his voice. channel ORANGE has an unconventional music style and, at the time it came out, was something that wasn’t very popular at the time.

Although Blonde (Ocean’s second studio album) was also a concept album, we can’t help but keep thinking ’bout [you] channel ORANGE.

Since we are celebrating the fifth birthday of this amazing album, here are some of the songs you should go back and listen to and, y’know, get in your feelings like I do:

Track 4, “Sierra Leone”

This song, like all of them, was written by Ocean, and is such an accurate depiction of how his music was so ahead of it’s time, at least compared to what most people were listening to back in 2012 (for me it was Justin Bieber and One Direction). This song has harmonies out the wazoo and is basically the definition of easy listening.

Track 8, “Pilot Jones”

This one really gets me in my feels, mostly because it describes the feelings you get for your first love and how you “crave” them in a way.

Track 10, “Pyramids”

The first part of this song is cute and fun, but then you hit that five minute mark, and it’s just something you want to turn up louder and louder. Ocean preformed this song on Saturday Night Live in September 2012 with John Mayer on guitar, and it was truly a heavenly experience.

Track 11, “Lost”

This is definitely one of my favorite songs to jam to, not only on the album, but out of every song I know. Although the true meaning behind it is vulgar, this is one of the most fun songs on the album.

Track 14, “Pink Matter”

This song is so poetic and beautiful. Ocean’s high notes really make this song stand out from the rest on the album. Andre 3000’s verse at the end makes the song even better, but I happen to prefer when Ocean did it himself live on tour.

Track 16, “Forrest Gump”

I first fell in love with Frank Ocean when he performed this live at the Grammy’s when I was 13 years old. I thought he did an amazing job and the graphics were amazing (even though recently the committee said the performance was sub-par).

So thank you, Frank Ocean, for giving us an album that we still haven’t gotten over five years later.