All About That Cha

Cindy Ciotta , Staff Writer

In this edition of our uber American food reviews, Natalie, Jamie, and I decided to go for something sweet. Hidden behind a large tree and Southlake Boulevard is a cute little restaurant called All About Cha. They are best known for their signature hot teas but also have a wide variety of coffee, dessert, and breakfast food.

I’m so happy Natalie and Jamie suggested All About Cha because before yesterday I had never been there before and was overall very pleased with my experience. From the moment you walk in, you can smell the coffee and tea brewing and hear the sound of students flipping through books, studying, and chatting. The cafe is decorated nicely with photographs on the walls of places around DFW and an All About Cha cup in each one of them. The whole place has a trendy, laid back vibe. Even the chandeliers were super cute and looked like illuminated bubbles. It reminded me of a bigger version of Kindred Coffee.

After noticing the menus were already set on the table, Jamie and I flipped through it trying to decide if we wanted coffee or tea. They had one page of the menus just for all the green teas, another for the “Korean Specialties”, and another page for typical black teas. Additionally, There were two pages dedicated just for the coffees as well. Mochas, Frappuccinos, Lattes, and a lot of them ending with “froddo”. While looking through the menus, Jamie noticed that next to each item it either said “love” or “passion”. After ordering we figured out that these are their unique names for sizes. Love is a small and Passion is a large. I don’t think there was a medium.

After much consideration, I ordered an iced caramel macchiato in size “love” and also macaroons. Six macarons were only seven dollars which is a pretty good deal since generally at other cafes only two or three are about seven bucks. The macarons came out on a nicely prepared plate with “enjoy” written in chocolate syrup. They were typical flavors like strawberry, chocolate, lemon, and coffee and were all delicious.  My love sized drink came in a glass mug with a heart drawn in the milk foam on top. Although it was instagram worthy and super cute, it tasted just like a regular iced caramel macchiato. In fact, I think it could have been a little sweeter. Overall, I really enjoyed All About Cha and can’t wait to go back to try their teas and get more macaroons.     -C 

My brother’s friend’s mom actually owns that particular All About Cha, so right when it opened my brother of course begged us to go. Man, am I glad that my brother pestered  us to going. All of the drinks I have tried there have been superior, but the desserts are not as memorable. The decoration of the desserts is phenomenal, but the taste does not live up to the presentation. This last time, I bought a blackberry latte Freddo. The ingredients included blackberry tea, honey, and milk blended with ice. The consistency was like a Starbuck’s frappuccino. The blackberry tea filled my mouth with tiny bits of ice flavored in the tea. Since it was a nice, warm day the drink was the perfect thing to cool me down. I fully recommend All About Cha if you are in search of a trendy, snapchat worthy drink restaurant with chill, study vibes. -N

I had never been to All About Cha but I constantly heard great reviews about it. I really liked the overall feeling the restaurant gave off. Everyone was so chill and relaxed and the slow Bruno Mars playing really topped it off. They had an abundance of items to order off the menu but I decided on a Cafe Mocha Freddo. Besides the drink sounding good, I mainly ordered it because of the picture. It came in a really cute glass mug which was very photogenic. The drink itself was a combination of fresh espresso and dark chocolate topped with whip cream. The whip cream  was one of my favorite parts of the drink because it was covered with chocolate drizzle and toasted pecans. Overall, I would recommend the drink I got if you’re a fan of coffee. I wasn’t expecting such a potent coffee flavor, so I personally would not order it again but for people who like coffee I would encourage you to try it! -J

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