Album Fight: Beach Weather

What a Drag vs. Chit Chat


Megan Mousaw and Chastity Frazier

What a Drag

What a Drag is the first E.P. released by Beach Weather, a newer band with an indie and alternative style of music. What a Drag was released in 2015, and the band has gained a lot of attention since. Some of their most popular songs, like “Swoon”, “New Skin”, and “Wolf” come this first E.P., which is why What a Drag is so much better than Chit Chat, their second E.P..

The Songs:

  • “Wolf” is the opening song, and it’s one of those songs you would blare in your car with the windows down. When I first heard this song, I instantly fell in love with leader sing Nick Santino’s voice. His vocals, along with the rest of the music, give the perfect indie sound.
  • “New Skin” makes you want to jump of the walls and dance around until you can’t anymore. You can’t help but tap your foot or hum along at the catchy chorus and upbeat rhythm and music.
  • “Bad Seed” reminds me of song you would hear from a 90’s pop rock band. It’s simple, catchy, and has a old-school kind of sound. To understand this unique sound I’m trying to describe, you would have to listen to this song…along with the rest of the EP.
  • “Swoon” was the first song I heard from Beach Weather, and this song is how I became a fan of their music. This song has such a unique sound, with a bit of edge and a sound that reminds me of mystery, but the chorus has an upbeat sound to it. This song is by far one of my favorite on this E.P. and by the band.
  • “Rebel Sun” gives them the pop rock sound they are known for. It starts off slow, but it quickly gets catchy and makes you want to jam out. It’s the perfect combination of their rock sound along with an indie sound that makes this song so enjoyable.

Chit Chat

Chit Chat, the second and latest EP released by alternative indie band Beach Weather, was released on November 4, 2016. Beach Weather was formed in 2015 shortly before going tour with alternative rock band, The Maine. Nick Santine, former member of A Rocket To The Moon, started the band along side Reeve Powers and Austin Scates. Chit Chat consists of six full length tracks that mention addiction and depression which makes it so much more meaningful than What A Drag.

The Songs:

  • The EP opens up with “Chit Chat,” a three minute song with a beat that will be stuck in your head for weeks. This track will drive you crazy with Reeves background vocals and his “ahh ah ah” following the chorus. This song is even better live; the beat moves through you and you feel like you could accomplish anything.
  • “Home Movies” is one of those songs that just make you so happy. The feel-good beat and Nick’s soothing, sing-along voice pulls this whole track together. The break right before the chorus sets you up for the perfect head bang when Nick sings “killing me slow all alone.” This track is perfect to play with the windows down on a sunny day.
  • “Someone’s Disaster” is one for all the rock lovers out there. After five seconds of an eerie beginning, the guitar kicks in and Nick’s raspy voice follows. The different verses are what makes this song an absolute winner. This track will blow you away.  
  • “Tremors” brings you back to the soothing rock sound that Beach Weather does so well. Nick’s haunting voice will give you chills while your body can’t help to sway along to the drum beat. This track will really get you when he sings “I only feel it when she tremors.”
  • “Sex, Drugs, Etc” is a beautiful song with an even better message. This track is a more personal song for lead vocalist, Nick, that many people can relate to. You can tell through his vocal change in the chorus that this track really hits home with him. The all out indie beat makes this track my favorite on the EP (and hearing Nick scream “floating on my low key vibe” live was the best thing I have ever seen in my life).