The Walking Dead: Season Review and Finale

The Walking Dead: Season Review and Finale

Megan Mousaw, Online Editor


The Walking Dead has yet again broken all of our hearts and sent us on a roller coaster of emotions. On Sunday, April 2, The Walking Dead aired their anticipated season finale for season 7, and it had every fan on the edge of their seats.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the show this past season, let me get you up to speed. The season premiere started off by showing the viewers the tragic deaths of fan favorites Abraham and Glenn by the notorious Negan. After this episode, every viewer learned and agreed that Negan is someone Rick and the group probably don’t want to mess with.

Negan and Rick don’t start off on the right foot after Negan and the Saviors come to Alexandria every week to take half their supplies. Negan also leaves a bad impression after he captures Daryl, and later Sasha, and kills Spencer, Olivia, and others along the way. This pushes Rick over the edge, and Alexandria, with the help other surrounding communities like the Kingdom and the Hilltop, start pondering the idea of a rebellion against the the Saviors. Alexandria works tirelessly to get enough people, supplies, and weapons to make this rebellion and the killing of Negan successful, and that leads us to the season finale.

This season of The Walking Dead has been dragging on, so I think every viewer was excited to finally see some action. In the season finale, Alexandria and the Scavengers get ready to kill Negan as he and the Saviors arrive at Alexandria to bring Sasha back. As Rick gets ready to start their attack plan, we discover that the Scavengers betrayed Rick and Alexandria, and made a deal with the Saviors, leaving their fate in the hands of Negan.

This leads to Negan coming forward and returning Sasha, who previous snuck into the Sanctuary to kill Negan, but was unsuccessful. On the ride over, Sasha was kept in a coffin to make Rick and the group think she was actually dead when she really wasn’t. However, she was. After being captured and talking to Eugene, who betrayed Rick and the group and is now with the Saviors, Sasha asks Eugene to get her a knife, gun, or basically anything she can use to hurt someone, and Eugene agrees, having an idea that she wants to kill herself. Eugene brings her a pill full of poison, but tries to convince her to reconsider and that she’ll like it living with the Saviors. Flash forward to Sasha lying in the coffin; she takes the pill and that’s the last we see of her until Negan opens the coffin and is attacked and almost killed by walker-Sasha.

And this leads to gunshots and a big battle between Alexandria and the Saviors and the Scavengers. Obviously being outnumbered, Alexandria is basically forced to surrender, and this leads Negan to choosing to kill Carl with Lucille, the bat who killed Glenn and Abraham. As Negan is about to kill Carl, King Ezekiel and the Kingdom, along with the Hilltop, emerge to help Alexandria, resulting in a big battle. In the end, the Saviors get away, and it leaves the three communities to figure out their next move, while Negan announces war with the three communities.

Overall, season 7 was pretty good, but also pretty slow. This season really dragged out the conflict and tension in and out of the different communities that work under Negan. This season, however, did give us more perspective within the different communities, and even within the Sanctuary. Fans, including myself, are looking forward to the action that season 8 will bring with the announcement of war among the communities, while creating new conflicts and stories.

If you want to catch up with the Walking Dead, it is available on Netflix for you to binge, and make sure you tune into AMC in October for the premiere of season 8!