Movie Review: Logan

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

If you do not enjoy blood, gore, or extreme violence, I cannot recommend this movie to you.

Without giving too much away, I can tell you that Logan (Hugh Jackman) is portrayed much more accurately and true to character regarding his comic book origins than in other movies. He is aged, an alcoholic, and suffering physical as well as mental pain, and merely scraping by life in the year 2029.

Then, Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) appears. His old mentor, teacher, and friend is not faring too well either. He has grave news to share.

We all have seen a glimpse of Dafne Keen’s character in riveting commercial previews, called Laura, or known to her pursuers as X-23. In comics, she is widely shown as a teenager. In Logan, she is roughly no more than eleven years old.

After a big piece of news is revealed to the once deadly Wolverine, the trio must flee Laura’s captors and keep her out of harm’s way. And these men will stop at nothing to get what they want.

My rating:


I believe this movie offers a more than healthy dose of not-so-cartoon violence, as entertaining albeit gut wrenching as it is (pun intended). I’m talking limb removal, decapitation, blood, gunshots, and people in extreme pain. It is rated R for a reason.

Other than that, I believe the introduction of Laura’s character presents different opportunities to depict multiple facets of a good plot and put them into play, such as emotional conflict- not just violence- and dynamic relationships to build the significance of said violence and action. Plus, the addition of a new but established X-Men character never before seen in a motion picture is just interesting on its own.

If you are a fan of the X-Men franchise, the comic book or movie series in and of itself, I highly recommend this movie.

Kudos to Hugh Jackman, seeing as this was his last installment as the beloved Logan Howlett. He will always be Wolverine to me.