Album Review: Hippo Campus’ Landmark

Album Review: Hippo Campus' Landmark

Kate Romano, Staff Writer

Hippo Campus released their newest album, Landmark, on February 24. This album could not have been more flawless and reveals their immense hidden musical talent. Finally, after about two years of waiting, Hippo Campus has provided new music to our ears that took all of us by surprise. Here are some of my favorite songs from the album and a sneak peek of what to expect.

“Epitaph” is personally my favorite on Landmark. You will hear the soothing voice of Jake Luppen and the genius behind the tone shift with a slight increase of speed, then back to the softness of the instruments slowly drifting away in the background. Toward the end of the song, all of the instruments come to a slow stop, leaving Luppen’s flawless voice to be easily depicted.

“Buttercup” starts off with a cheerful and upbeat tone, catching your full attention instantly. When you are having a rough day, this song will brighten your day and motivate you to radiate joy. The addicting beat in this song leaves the listener wanting to dance and conquer the day. The quick guitar strums pump up your adrenaline and the catchy lyrics make this song one of my favorites of all time.

“Vines” will fit the mood of a warm summer day out of all the songs on this album. It possesses a beat that will make you feel free and adventurous. If you are on a car ride with the windows down, play this song. The happiness heard in the vocalists and the soothing background make this song perfect for a relaxing day.

“Poems” appears toward the last half of the album. The song slows down the tempo of the album and bring you back to reality. This song is by far the most beautiful from the album. “Poems” allows the lead vocalist to challenge himself and provide a subtle melody. Towards the middle of this song, another shift in keys occurs gracefully, drawing the listener’s attention back to the song. If you are looking for a song to unwind to or calm your nerves, give this song a listen.