GOT7’s Final Flight

GOT7 releases the final album in their “Flight Log” series.

Rani Hamilton, Staff Writer

At this point, I’ve taken it upon myself to inform everyone of anything and everything GOT7 does. Most of my money is going towards them, most of my time is spent on them, and most of my energy is wasted promoting them. I wrote about their last album, Flight Log: Turbulence, just six months ago, and they’re already back with their newest mini-album Flight Log: Arrival. I have fallen completely in love with this album (so much that I bought three copies of it). With another complete turn-around from both Departure and Turbulence, GOT7 once again showed off their ability to cover all different types of genres.

Arrival marks the end of their “Flight Log” album trilogy almost exactly a year since it began last March. GOT7 were able to perfectly close off their year-long storyline with the music video for their title track, “Never Ever.” GOT7’s very own Jinyoung has taken his fantastic acting skills, and played himself in an alternate world, where his loved ones have been ripped away from him.

Once again,  every member has taken part in the creation of this album. Allowing each member to express their own personal styles of music in the past three albums has made their image even stronger than before. The only song not written by a member is the title track “Never Ever,” but even this track flows perfectly with the rest of the album. “Never Ever” is much more electronic than any of GOT7’s previous tracks, but as expected, they have pulled it off perfectly. With Yugyeom and Jinyoung starting off the song, Jaebum and Youngjae’s vocals connecting with Mark and BamBam’s rap make way for the powerful chorus. Paired with the visuals of the dynamic choreography, you can’t turn your eyes away from any element of “Never Ever” (not to mention BamBam’s bleached blonde hair, and the fact that Jackson has brown hair for the first time in almost two years).

“Shopping Mall” is the second song on Arrival, and with a series of beeps and boops, it becomes one of the catchiest songs on the album. Written by Jaebum (under the name Defsoul), Jackson, BamBam, and Mark, this song is much different than any song Jaebum has written for GOT7. Though “Home Run” on Departure was highly poppy, it’s obvious the three rappers had an influence on this song in the best way possible. Another song written by these three is the fifth track “Go Higher.” As soon as this song comes on, you can imagine it being played in a club with a crowd of people jumping to the beat. The track was originally going to appear on Departure, but was saved for Arrival as it didn’t match Departure’s concept. It shows a different side of GOT7 that we have not even remotely caught a glimpse of. And it’s fantastic. Even the fact that they purposely made, “From the bottom, to the sky” sound like “From the bottom, to the SKRRT”.

“Don’t Care” is written by Yugyeom, and is the first time he has ever written a song all by himself. This song absolutely screams Yugyeom’s name, consisting of every single thing he’s ever revealed about his music taste. And he has lines in probably 50 percent of the song. This track is highly influenced by R&B and is a song you can find yourself relaxing to. The soft buildup to the power vocals in the chorus, and the muffled beat lets this song stand out from any of the others that came before it.

“OUT” is written by GOT7’s energetic rapper Jackson, and just like Yugyeom’s, I could be deaf and still tell that this was Jackson’s song. Reflecting his song “Boomx3” from Turbulence, “OUT” has an aggressive beat with matching aggressive rapping. For a few seconds, the song calms down to allow the four vocalists give a break from the hype. Being the last track on the album, it leaves you “shook” (I can’t believe I just typed that), and will most likely persuade you to hit repeat on the album.

My personal favorites on Arrival have been “Paradise”, “Sign”, and “Q”. “Paradise” was written by Jinyoung and, in my opinion, could have been a title track just as powerful as “Never Ever.” This track almost takes me away into another dimension where everything is peaceful and Park Jinyoung is singing about his paradise. Similar to his other self-written songs, he somehow makes a song that’s both soft and hype. “Sign” was written by main vocal Youngjae, and he made sure to display his power vocals. If I need a track to repeat while relaxing, this is my go-to song. Plus, Mark’s verses are possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. “Q,” a play on the word “cue” (hence the chorus “I just want a Q”), Jaebum once again expressed the pop side of his songwriting. This is by far the cutest song on the album, and it changed my life for the better.

This entire album is an absolute work of art. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t liked it yet. If you’re looking for new music, I highly recommend Flight Log: Arrival (as well as every other album GOT7 has ever released). I promise the 27 minutes it takes you to listen to the eight tracks will be worth it.