Album Review: Ed Sheeran’s Divide

Album Review: Ed Sheerans Divide

Maggie Coleman and Lauren Lents

After a year of no technology and world exploration, Ed Sheeran has come back better than ever with the release of his new album, Divide. Sticking with his math theme like his previous albums Multiply and Plus, Divide features a multitude of sounds–everything from folk to upbeat pop. Most of his other albums contain the upbeat indie sound he is known for, but Divide reaches outside of his comfort zone to create something new and fresh. Read on for the highlights of Divide.

My favorite song on Divide by far is “Galway Girl.” It starts out with a funky beat, and continues to stay upbeat and pop, creating a fun song to sing out loud to in the car. The complete opposite, however, is “Supermarket Flowers.” Sheeran pours his heart out in a sad ballad about a family member. This wide range of songs within the album make Divide an album anyone can enjoy, regardless of musical preferences. Another favorite of mine is “Nancy Mulligan.” It was a completely unexpected song that relies heavily on Irish folk music and describes his grandparents love story. I completely loved it, despite the fact that Sheeran hasn’t ever written anything with Irish roots.

Another fantastic song is “Dive.” It showcases the slower and softer side of his voice. He serenades a girl while still pointing out negatives in their almost relationship. It features a guitar solo done to perfection by Sheeran himself. And lastly, an acoustic song for your soul, “Barcelona.” Heavily influenced by his year of travel, he speaks Spanish throughout the song. “Barcelona” depicts having a good time while adventuring, dancing in the street and having a good time.

Sheeran’s album was highly anticipated; fans eagerly awaited the release and now that it’s here, everyone is ecstatic. Sheeran is an eclectic singer and the album clearly reflects that.