Album Review: Blink-182’s California


Chastity Frazier, Staff Writer

Iconic punk-rock band Blink-182 announced a deluxe edition to their most recent album, California, on March 16. The following week they released two singles that will be found on California deluxe edition, which will be released on May 19, titled “Parking Lot” and “Misery.”

“Parking Lot” is just under a three-minute track filled with hardcore drum beats and lots of screaming from new member, Matt Skiba. This song is a mix between “Bored To Death” and “Rabbit Hole,” tracks from the original version of California. This single features both Skiba and Mark Hoppus on vocals, with the legendary Travis Barker carrying the song along with his intense drumming. The instrumental introduction followed by Skiba’s raspy scream singing makes this song a complete rock anthem.

Favorite lyric: “We’ll waste the best nights of our lives.”

“Misery” takes you back to Blink’s “I Miss You” days with the haunting beats and vocals that lead this single. This track also takes you back to “California,” with the softer verses and heavier, vocal wise, chorus. Skiba’s background vocals following after Hoppus’ pulls the song together. Barker also gets his shining drum moment while Hoppus is singing “I don’t need anyone” before the third verse. Hoppus’ elaborate lyrics make this track a heartbreaking one.

Favorite lyric: “Tied up to a heart of stone, I screamed into a microphone.”