13 Reasons Why You Should Watch ’13 Reasons Why’

13 Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why

Abby Wormsbaker, Staff Writer

I hesitated writing this review for 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix series adapted from the book by Jay Asher, for a few days because I couldn’t find the right words to describe how it made me feel. 13 Reasons Why is a story about a teenage girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves 13 voice recorded tapes with messages for the people who had some sort of effect as to why she did what she did. Each episode is a reason, and within each reason you are taken deep into the story of how things ended in such ways. Here are 13 reasons why I feel you should watch this series:

  1. The story itself touches on very serious and important topics that should be brought into discussion more.
  2. It represents the highs and lows of real situations that real people go through.
  3. The cinematography displays the emotions in a haunting way; it’s brighter on the days told as Hannah is alive, and darker on the days told from when she isn’t.
  4. The reasons why display how other people’s actions and words can take huge toll on other people’s lives in good or bad ways, no matter how little they may seem.
  5. You can feel the emotions that the characters represent–sadness, anger, confusion, happiness.
  6. The entire series has a great music soundtrack! Seriously.
  7. It has a clever way of talking about topics in a non-obvious way, through poems and similes. You’ll get what I mean.
  8. You can see the mirrored message that the show is trying to say.
  9. Not only is each episode a good length time, you get deep into the detail of the story. It’s easy to comprehend.
  10. You are reminded of the lesson that you must take into consideration of how others feel; you never know what they could be dealing with, big or small.
  11. It includes things (that you might not always see nowadays) being addressed such as making an effort to sit with people who are alone at lunch, etc.
  12. Speaking on behalf of my love for cinematography, it displays beautiful scenes that are very aesthetically pleasing.
  13. It’s an accurate representation of the struggles that people experience everyday.

There are tons of reasons to watch this show, even if you want to watch it for the sole purpose of watching it. Either way, I highly recommend watching this show. It’s beautifully written, sad, and eye opening. Take what you want from it, but this story line is extremely important.