VASE: A Work of Art

VASE: A Work of Art

Olivia Stengem, Staff Writer

Students from all over the district poured into Hebron High School to attend the annual VASE Art Competition on February 25. This year was a huge and successful turnout for Keller High School students, involving many entries of amazing artwork. Fourteen students advanced to state.

VASE competition features students from ninth to twelfth grade, and includes all art, such as sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Students are divided into four different divisions, depending on how many art classes they have taken in high school . Students attend a small eight to ten minute personal interview to describe the meaning of their work, as well as answer judges’ questions about their art. After the interview, the judge scores the students artwork on a scale of one to four. Artwork with scores of four advance to the display of artwork to the public. For the rest of the day that artwork is shown to everyone who is attending VASE. Near the end of the day, a group of judges, including art teachers, art gallery owners, or local artists in the VASE program, all browse the art and vote on submissions to advance to the state level. Only ten percent of entries in our district are allowed to compete at state.

Painting by Maggy Bartz
Drawing by Maggy Bartz
Painting by Olivia Stengem
Sculpture by Allison McAdams

A huge amount of talented pieces entered into competition this year. To anyone who would ever like to participate in an event like this; you will not regret it. VASE is a great experience for anyone who attends and a great way to meet other students who shares the love of art.