Best Movies with the Worst Endings


Natalie Dearman, Staff Writer

Many people expect to go into a movie with morbid or disturbing plots with an ending that provides solutions and leaves the watcher feeling happy and satisfied with the ending. But here are a few movies with great plots that unfortunately have terribly depressing endings.

Requiem for a Dream: A mother is addicted to amphetamines, and her son to heroin. Their lives don’t seem like they could get much worse, but they do.

We Need to Talk About Kevin: From the day he was born, a mother is constantly psychologically tortured by her son.

Se7en: The whole movie is an investigation on a man inflicting severe consequences on people committing the seven deadly sins, and does not end, contrary to the plot.

Rosemary’s Baby: A woman discovers that her newborn child is the Antichrist.

Shutter Island: A U.S. marshal travels to an island for the mentally disturbed to conduct an investigation on an escaped murderer.

Funny Games: Two psychopaths torture and hold a family hostage in their vacation home.

House of Sand and Fog: An Iranian couple move to America and buy a house off an auction sale. But the previous owner, an abandoned, alcoholic woman that was evicted from her home, begins harassing them, with dire consequences.