What are the ‘Chance’s?’


Haley Goodman, Editor-in-Chief

Chance the Rapper had seven chances to win a Grammy this year. As a strictly streaming artist, this was a shock to the music community. He was nominated forv Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Album, Best Rap/Sung Performance, and Best Rap song three different times, for his own track “No Problem” and Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam” and “Famous,” both of which he was featured on.

Out of these nominations, Chance took home Grammys for three. He won Best New Artist and Best Rap Album, which is huge for any artist, especially one who doesn’t sell their music. Chance also won Best Rap Performance for “No Problem.” Personally, I am a huge fan of Chance, so I believe all of these awards made their way to the proper winner.

In my opinion, he is revolutionizing the personality and music world not only by so perfectly mixing gospel and rap music, but with his unique personality and compassion for others. He recently donated one million dollars to Chicago public schools. Before that he bought out an entire theater so that locals could see the new release “Get Out” for free.

He sponsors Open Mike nights at the Harold Washington Library Center after school. It’s for local students, and requires a high school ID to get in.

So whether or not you are a fan of Chance’s music, there is no denying that his generosity specifically to his hometown of Chicago is extremely admirable. If you haven’t heard his music, I definitely suggest giving it a listen. And for all the fans out there, make sure to get tickets for his 2017 Spring Tour. Locally he will be headlining at JMBLYA in May.

Don’t worry if the tickets for the rest of his shows are bought out buy companies trying to sell them at higher prices. Chance and his abundance of generosity has vowed to buy them back for you!