Album Fight: One Directions’ Up All Night v. Take Me Home


Chastity Frazier and Megan Mousaw

Up All Night

Up All Night is notorious boyband One Direction’s first full-length studio album. Consisting of 15 full length tracks, Up All Night is a fun, feel-good album with dance-pop and pop-rock anthems. While Up All Night is considered One Direction’s weaker album, I believe it is one of their best albums, and here’s why:

  • Up All Night topped the charts in over 16 countries and sold over 176,000 in its first week alone, and by December of 2012 that number was raised to 4.5 million copies worldwide (this does not count streaming and illegal downloads).
  • Up All Night hit number three on the Best Selling Albums Chart of 2012, which beat out Take Me Home which only got to number five, making Up All Night the best selling album from the group.
  • Up All Night kicked off the infamous YouTube series Adventurous Adventures of One Direction, the song “Save You Tonight” acting as a theme song.
  • Music videos from Up All Night reached hundreds of millions of views. “What Makes You Beautiful“ was at the top of any music video released by the band with over a whopping 837 million views as of March 2017.

Some songs that make the album unbeatable:

  • “What Makes You Beautiful” is the first ever single released from the boys. This song has in infectious beat and unforgettable lyrics that will have it stuck in your head for weeks.
  • “One Thing” is another iconic song from the boy band. This track is the perfect song to get you on your feet and dancing around while screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs.
  • “More Than This” is a more acoustic sounding track with the boys’ beautiful, soft vocals coming out. This song will make you cry.
  • “Up All Night” is an all-out pop song that your body will respond to. Next thing you know you’re dancing. Liam’s breathtaking voice starts this song off and it’s one of the best intros to a song.
  • “Tell Me a Lie” is one of those that you can’t sit still during. The infectious drum beats will get your body moving and the chorus will strike you like nothing ever has.
  • “Taken” is a beautiful track with singers Liam Payne and Harry Styles leading the vocals. The chorus really stands out and you’ll find yourself replaying the track just to hear the words “you don’t even want my heart.” Zayn Malik pulls the whole song together during the third verse. This track is an absolute must listen.
  • “Same Mistakes” is a very underrated track from the album. The smooth vocals mixed with the beat makes it that much better. This song will make you cry if you’re stuck in an emotional position.
  • “Save You Tonight” will have you jumping around in the first 15 seconds. This is definitely the type of song that will have you singing into your hairbrush. The lyrics “I can’t be no superman, but for you I’d be superhuman” is only one of the great things about this track.
  • “Stole My Heart” is an all out dance song. This track has a very different sound than the usual One Direction tunes produced by the boys. Fans say this is foreshadowing the future song “What A Feeling.”  
  • “Stand Up” is one of my favorite tracks in this album. This track, like most songs on the album, never fail to put me in a good mood and have me awkwardly dance around my room. The mashup vocals towards the end makes this track unforgettable.
  • “Moments” is an absolute heartbreaking song. Louis’ solo followed by Harry’s in-control vocals gives this song a beautiful lullaby tune.

Take Me Home

Take Me Home is the second album released by One Direction, and one of their most popular and loved albums. Take Me Home introduced the sound One Direction would be known for: a pop band with upbeat pop and rock sounds that will make you want to dance forever. I am here yet again to convince you why Take Me Home is the better One Direction album, instead of Up All Night.

  • Take Me Home is one of One Direction’s highest selling albums, and by far one of their most successful albums yet.
  • The Take Me Home tour was one the most successful tours the band had. They had over 100 shows in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, and made $114 million from all the shows. They played five shows in London’s famous O2 Arena, and played successful shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and American Airlines Center in Dallas. One Direction also made a movie while on the Take Me Home tour. That means even if you didn’t get to go see them live, you got to see them perform you favorite songs from the album on your TV, plus some behind the scenes clips.
  • Music videos from Take Me Home, like ”Live While We’re Young,” “Kiss You,” and “Little Things,” have some of the highest views, reaching between 260 to 520 million views.
  • Take Me Home was the album that got me fully obsessed with One Direction. For me, this album is very important because it changed my life, but also ruined by life.

Some songs that make this album amazing:

  • “Live While We’re Young” is the iconic opening song to the album. Its upbeat sound makes you want to dance around the room until you can’t dance anymore.
  • “Kiss You” is perfection. This song is a total bop, and is one of the main reasons why this album is so popular.
  • “Little Things” is the song that every fan fell in love with instantly. Written by Ed Sheeran, this is song is so cute and sweet, and all you hear are the boys singing and an acoustic guitar. And the music video for this song makes the song a whole lot better.
  • “C’mon C’mon” IS AN ABSOLUTE JAM! If you don’t love this song, you don’t deserve to love this album. I can dance to this song all day and never get tired; that’s how much I love it.
  • “Heart Attack” is another jam. Every time I hear it, I have a heart attack. It’s such a lighthearted and fun song, making the album so fun to listen to.
  • “Rock Me” might be one of the most iconic songs on Take Me Home. This is the first song where we hear the boys going with a rock sound, and every fan loved it. And we got to see these rock sounds in their later albums, like Midnight Memories and Made In The A.M.
  • “Change My Mind” is such an underrated song that deserves so much more love. The vocals and lyrics in this song are absolutely beautiful, making it one of my favorite songs on the album.
  • “I Would” is another jam that deserves more love than it gets. Its lyrics and the upbeat tempo make this song so fun to jam out to in your car (I jam out to this song a lot).
  • “Over Again” is a mix of “More Than This,” “Moments,” and a little sprinkle of “Little Things.” The harmonies in this song make it so beautiful, along with the heartbreaking but beautiful lyrics. Being one of the fewer lower songs on Take Me Home, it’s so nice and peaceful to listen to.
  • “Back For You” is amazing. It’s that simple. If you don’t like this song, you don’t deserve to like One Direction. How can you not like this song? It’s so catchy and fun to dance to, and it doesn’t deserve to be slept on like it already is.
  • “Still The One” is great way to end the album. Like most of the other songs, this song is very upbeat and fun to listen to, which makes Take Me Home such fun and cheerful album, and one of the best One Direction albums.