Movie Preview: Untouchable


Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor

Untouchable, starring Bryan Cranston and my boy KEVIN HART, is a remake of the French movie The Intouchables, starring Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy. The movie is about a quadriplegic, Phillip (Cranston), who is cared for by Dell (Hart). The movie is meant to be heart-warming, yet comedic. Including Kevin Hart in a non-comedic movie is like The Weeknd without his well known hairdo–it is unheard of. The inspiration for a remake of The Intouchables was due to the fact of the directors wanting an English version. The movie won’t be out in movie theaters till 2018, but it will be here before you know it. I can bet my money I will be there opening day with the best seats. Why? It all has to do with a short, funny man.

Kevin Hart has been a slight obsession of mine now for a while. I appreciate his work ethic and his positive motivation. He does not stop. He sets a goal, bam, he completes it and moves on to the next one. He never slows down. Even with all of this success he does not forget where he came from or forget his roots. He has stayed true to who he is and expressed his true appreciation of his fans. He represents that anyone can chase their dreams, but one must be willing to put work in. Plus, he is hilarious, which gives him an extra one million points. This is why every time a movie or anything he is apart of I go and support it, because I love his determination and it makes me want to be more goal oriented and devoted to my goals. With his humor too, Kevin is unstoppable, or should I say…untouchable. Join me in 2018 to support the one and only Kevin Hart as he perseveres to continue his huge dreams.