The Smiths Albums (ranked)

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

The Smiths’ indie pop style of music rose to great popularity in the mid-80’s, but unfortunately, didn’t last long. They only managed to produce four official albums before Morrissey, the lead singer, and Johnny Marr, the lead guitarist, started to fight. The Smiths had a tendency to re-package their songs frequently, leading to multiple b-sides (Rank, Louder Than Bombs, The World Won’t Listen, Hatful of Hollow) and singles that tended to contain their most recognizable songs. For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on their main four albums.

Meat Is Murder – Although it contains the most opinionated songs Morrissey has written by far (just look at the album name), the beats and rhythm seem forced and basic. The political tilt Meat is Murder contains can become a tad bit overwhelming, with Morrissey trying to say too much in a mere nine songs.

Strangeways, Here We Come – Overall, this Smiths album contains the same mood that almost all other albums have…bleak, depressing, and cold. Although songs such as Girlfriend in a Coma and Death of a Disco Dancer have sad meanings, the lyrics are masterfully written to create catchy choruses that keep you interested in the song.  

The Smiths – Although this is their first album, it sets the tone for the rest to come. It’s classic Smiths material, with Morissey debuting his amazing songwriting skills, weaving his political and personal opinions in without outright saying anything in the songs. The songs have a laid back and chill beat, which only showcases Morrissey’s melodic voice and chilling lyrics even further.

The Queen Is Dead – This is by far the best album The Smiths recorded. Some of their biggest and most popular hits, such as “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” and “Bigmouth Strikes Again”, were released on The Queen Is Dead. Unlike most of The Smiths material, The Queen Is Dead has an upbeat sound that contradicts the central bleak message the songs contain. Also, The Smiths experiment with the sound of The Queen Is Dead more than other albums, creating a new, fresh sound that has captivated listeners for generations.