Andy’s Frozen Custard


Megan Mousaw, Online Editor

With summer is quickly approaching, I am on the hunt to find different places to get good ice cream and other frozen treats for those hot summer nights. Instead of going to Dairy Queen or Sonic, I’ve branched out to find the best of the best ice cream places around Keller. This is how I came across Andy’s Frozen Custard, a new dessert destination that just opened up on Precinct Line in North Richland Hills.

The first thing you notice about Andy’s is the brightly colored lights you can see from the street, which makes it look like a retro ice cream shop. The seating is all outside, kind of like Sonic, with a drive through for on-the-go ice cream stops. The outside seating will be perfect for warm summer nights, but maybe not for those colder nights in fall or winter when you’re craving ice cream.

To be honest, I expected Andy’s to just have frozen custard, but was surprised when I saw the variety on their menu. Their menu varied with different combinations of concretes, sundaes, ice cream cones and cups, malts, splits, shakes, and some old fashion sodas and floats. They have such a wide variety on their menu, and it took me forever to decide what I wanted. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of frozen custard, you are bound to find something there you like.

At first glance, their prices look a bit expensive, but trust me, you get what you pay for. Out of their three sizes (small, medium, and large), I got a small concrete and I didn’t even finish it all. I strongly suggest sharing with someone, especially if you get a concrete, unless you are hungry enough to eat all of it. While I didn’t eat all of my Triple Chocolate Concrete, it sure was delicious. It’s very similar to Freddy’s and their concretes and sundaes, but Andy’s has a lot more unique and fun combinations. You can choose one of their creations, like the Triple Chocolate Concrete, or you can choose your own topping to mix into your vanilla custard, like Butterfingers, Oreos, or something simple like chocolate chips.

Overall, Andy’s Frozen Custard is delicious and I would strongly recommend it. I can already tell it’s going to be a popular spot during the summer because of how family-friendly it is and all their different types of ice creams. For me, I know I will be going back there during the summer to get some good ice cream with my friends and family. Make sure you check out Andy’s Frozen Custard on 6429 Precinct Line Road in North Richland Hills and discover your favorite frozen custard treat!