Movie Review: A Dog’s Purpose

Movie Review: A Dogs Purpose

Natalie Hornbaker, Staff Writer

Any movie with a cute puppy on the screen can pull almost anyone into watching it, which was no different with the new movie, A Dog’s Purpose. From the title and poster alone, you could tell that this movie was going to pull at your heartstrings. Throughout this movie— based in the 1960s— we see the adventures of a dog, Bailey, as a beloved pet of Ethan Montgomery up to his teen years. Unlike most dog films, the second half of this film follows Bailey’s soul in his future reincarnations as Ellie, a heroic German Shepherd police dog, then as Tino, a feisty Welsh Corgi of a college girl, and finally as Buddy, a sad St. Bernard abandoned by his irresponsible owners. As Bailey goes from one incarnation to another, can he ever learn and achieve his real purpose of existence?

Unlike most dog films, this movie is told from the dog’s point of view so we get to hear the thoughts of Bailey (as well as Ellie, Tino, and Buddy). As expected, there are many heartwarming scenes due to the bonding of the dogs with their owners, but also the heartbreaking scenes of dogs saying goodbyes.

Dog lovers of all ages will definitely be entertained by this sentimental film, enveloped by its love for man’s best friend. The story of this film is wish-fulfillment for everyone who had that one beloved dog who went to heaven too soon.