Boo Ya, We’re Going to Chuy’s

Natalie Ryan, Cindy Ciotta, and Jamie Hoover

We Uber Americans decided to make a run to Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant in Southlake, but there is also another location in Fort Worth. For me, Chuy’s is my childhood. The first time I went it was with my aunt and mom, when I was six. I still remember it so vividly like it was yesterday ( I tend to remember things that have to do with food a lot better). Unlike me where I do not even need a menu, Jamie had only been there once and Cindy had not been there, so of course I had to take them.

When you first walk into Chuy’s, you notice three main things: it is very colorful, it is very casual, and it is very hipster. One of the first things you see is the tortilla machine, where the restaurant makes them fresh in front of your face, so you know they aren’t processed. -N, J, & C

As soon as we were seated, I told our amicable waiter that we would like creamy jalapeno sauce, which tastes a little spicy and like a ranch or sour cream. It was muy bueno.

Jamie and I split the “Chuy-gooey”, which is basically a huge bowl of beans, beef, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, and queso. It was a phenomenal meal for $10. You eat this entree with tortillas and chips. It was AMAZING!!!! The queso and all of the ingredients in a warm, soft, fresh tortilla is a dream. Writing this makes me want to hop in my car and drive to Chuy’s. It is my favorite Mexican restaurant  and this is coming from a huge foodie who has had her fair share of Mexican food. -N & J

With it being my first time at Chuy’s, I figured I’d play it safe and get fajitas. The portion was pretty big, but I never complained! The fajitas were great!! They came with grilled veggies, warm tortillas, and sides of diced tomatoes, guac, lettuce, rice and beans. They were very flavorful and I would definitely get it again! -C

Overall, Chuy’s satisfied all of our Mexican food cravings. We all really enjoyed our food, and would highly recommend Chuy’s to everyone. Stay tuned to find out where we, Uber Americans go next!