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jazz members

jazz members

Abby Wormsbaker, Staff Writer

Last month, my friends and I dressed up to attend Kindred Coffee, a local coffee shop, because they were hosting a Jazz Night.  As most people know, jazz bands typically include saxophones, trumpets, trombones, bass guitars, and sometimes even cellos. The band that played recently was a jazz band from Southlake, Texas. They played original tunes that instantly took me back to an older feeling in time. While seated, listening to the music and drinking tasteful coffee, the band didn’t fail to keep a mesmerizing harmony. The atmosphere had a great vibe going.

As far as the band members, you could assume they loved what they were doing. It wasn’t hard to tell how many years of practice the boys have been maintaining. The trumpet player even had a visible ego going on; thanking the crowd each time he finished playing his part (from clapping or not).

Kindred hosts nights like these often, including karaoke nights. They are always a pure pleasure to attend because you get to drink coffee, talk and meet new people, all while listening to music. It’s a great plan for a Saturday night.