Surrounding Yourself with Positivity

Megan Mousaw, Online Editor

It’s easy to get caught up in the little things. The little things that don’t seem to matter to anyone else but yourself. They can somehow turn your day upside and put you through the worst day ever.

I’ve noticed lately that people, especially teenagers and young adults, can be very negative. I would like to consider myself a very positive person, so being around very negative people isn’t very helpful for my positive character. I never understood why someone can be so negative about everything, but lately, I’ve been able to see why people act this way.

We have so many factors today that can easily influence our mood and character. Some TV shows and movies can really touch us and give us a different perspective on certain situations that are happening around the world. However, TV shows and movies aren’t that important. Today, the main influence is the Internet. Negativity can spread through social media and the news like a virus, and takes everyone down with it. It’s sad to see tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts all displaying some sort of negativity, whether it’s making fun of someone or just being rude in general. Everyone is on at least one social media platform where they can see so many different posts a day, and they are likely to see some negative post or headline from the news about someone or something. Today, we see a lot of negativity in the news about politics and events that are happening around the world.

It’s not easy trying to be a positive person in a negative world. Your attitude attracts the your crowd you consider friends, and we all want positive and fun friends, but it’s hard to stay cheerful when everyone else is so mean. There’s no easy way to push out all the negativity in your life, but my one piece of advice would be this: surround yourself with positive people, influence, thoughts, and basically anything positive. Take away things that make you feel down or upset in your life and surround yourself with things and people that will lift up your spirit. If that group of friends you have are so negative and down on everything, take a step back and find people that make good and make you happy.

Instead of getting caught up in everyone’s negativity and harsh words, put yourself and your happiness first and you’ll find that not everyone is as mean as you may think. Surround yourself with positive influences, people, and thought, and you’re sure to not only be happy with yourself, but with your environment around you.