Movie Review: Patriots Day

Mark Wahlberg stars as Officer Tommy Saunders in the 2016 film Patriots Day.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Mark Wahlberg stars as Officer Tommy Saunders in the 2016 film “Patriots Day.”

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

Chances are, the events of the Boston Marathon Bombing in April of 2013 left an impression in the minds of people everywhere. Similar to the events of the miraculous landing in the Hudson river of Flight 1549, corresponding to the movie Sully, the producers of this movie turned a real life event, in this case a tragedy, and applied it to the big screen.

In this moving film, the star-studded cast includes Mark Wahlberg, who plays Officer Tommy Saunders, who is on security detail during the Boston Marathon, which at the time seemed like a routine job until it turned out to be a terrifying and life changing event. Also, fantastic actor J.K. Simmons plays a role, albeit not large one until a heart-wrenching exchange with a firearm later in the movie. In addition, John Goodman plays the Commissioner of police in Boston, and Kevin Bacon is as the FBI Special Agent in charge.

Everyone involved nailed their role, right down to the Boston accent.

Although this took place nearly four years ago, this movie recalls events that are important as they resurface in the form of a powerful cinematic work. It helps the audience gain a bit of a deeper understanding for the events of that day, as well as put faces to the names of those present, or even lost that day as well.

Or, they help you see the story of those who experienced great trauma, emotional and physical, who count themselves lucky. Who could have lost so much more, but escaped with their lives.

It shows you that people are capable of terrible, awful things. That not all people are good. It shows you how the city of Boston came together in a time of crisis and fear. The days filled with the unknown until justice was served. This movie was that story.