Four v. Made In The A.M.


Megan Mousaw and Chastity Frazier

FOUR is One Direction’s fourth studio album. Consisting of sixteen full length songs, people, including myself, believe that FOUR is One Direction’s best album yet. But even with it’s feel good melodies and passionate vocals, fans still argue that FOUR comes in second place next to One Direction’s latest studio album, Made In The A.M. Which is why I am here to prove fans, and Megan, wrong. Here is a little list of the reasons why FOUR is by far the best One Direction album.

  • Zayn Malik. This is the boy’s last album release with former band member, Zayn Malik. Zayn is known for his mind blowing high notes, which are scattered throughout the whole album. And no one, absolutely no one, can beat his high notes in “Steal My Girl”.
  • No album has ever sounded better live. One Direction’s On The Road Again tour grossed over $208 million with 80 shows, most the venues being completely sold out. Performing song like “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and “Ready To Run”, One Direction was really pulling at all their fans heartstrings.
  • The music video for “Night Changes” was the most emotional thing the boys could have done to their fans, in the best way possible. No music video will ever top the concept the boys had in “Night Changes”. Ever.
  • The lyrics “I’m like a crow on a wire, you’re the shining distraction that makes me fly home,” and the soothing voice of Niall Horan makes it so much more emotional.

Some songs that make the album unbeatable:

  • “Steal My Girl” is the best way to open up this album. The upbeat chorus makes you get up off your feet and really appreciate the rock vibe it has to it. (The music video is also amazing, and seeing Louis Tomlinson with a chimpanzee makes it that much better.)
  • “Ready To Run” is absolutely heartbreaking. Is it embarrassing to say that I used to cry to this song? I have tweeted the lyrics to this song on multiple occasions. This track always seems to relate to whatever you are going through.
  • “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” I know I haven’t skipped a track yet from the order, but it’s so hard to leave one out. “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” is the perfect track to get you moving when you’re feeling down. Zayn and Harry’s vocals are able to pull you from reality, something not many songs are able to do in this time and age.
  • “18” is one of those songs that you can’t listen to in public because you will cry. All of the boys vocals are calm and soft, but in complete control. Niall’s “on lord” and Louis’, “I have loved you since we were 18” are no doubt the most beautiful vocals from the underrated singers in the whole album.
  • “No Control” is a definite fan favorite. Louis Tomlinson really has his shining moment within his high pitched vocals, and he absolutely rocks it. This track is an anthem.
  • “Fireproof” is an underrated and often forgot about track by the fans, despite it being the first single released from the album. This track has an infectious feel good beat to it that no doubt will put a smile on your face.
  • “Clouds” is an upbeat track that will have you craving more of the unique beat and vocals.
  • “Illusion” is probably the most underrated track on the album, but it is still an absolute winner that will make your heart expand with joy.
  • “Once in a Lifetime” is the type of song you need to look out for. If you listen to this while caught in a bad place, you will break down. This gorgeous melodic lullaby makes it musically individual from the rest of the songs on the album.
  • “Act My Age” closes up the album with Niall Horan leading the vocals. Although the lyrics and beat will make you feel like you’re in a 90’s pirate movie, the uniqueness of it all makes it addictive.


Made In The A.M. is the most recent album released by One Direction, and by far the best. Arguments can be made that their fourth album, FOUR, is their best album, but I beg to differ. I’m here to convince all the fans, especially Chastity, why Made In The A.M. is better, and I’ve accumulated a list of the reasons why this album is better than FOUR. Enjoy.

  • The album is a mark of a whole new era for One Direction. It’s the first album that was released since Zayn Malik left the band in March of 2015. This album also has a whole new and different sound compared to the other albums released by the boys, making it one of the most popular albums they’ve released.
  • Made In The A.M. has sold 3.5 million copies worldwide, whereas FOUR has only sold 3.2 million worldwide.
  • Zayn was known for tackling most the high notes in the band. But with his departure, Harry and Liam have risen to the occasion and taken over the high notes, making this album even more amazing.
  • After releasing the album, the boys left for their year-long hiatus. While they have not toured this album yet, I can only imagine how amazing all the songs on this album will sound live.

Some songs that make this album amazing:

  • “Hey Angel” is the best opening song to an album in the history of One Direction. Don’t fight me on this, FOUR’s opening song, “Steal My Girl”, doesn’t stand a chance against this song.
  • “Drag Me Down” was the first single that was released without Zayn. And they also got to film the music video at NASA. That makes this song and music video a whole lot better
  • “End of the Day” is amazing and no words can describe how amazing this song is. It’s catchy, fun, and a new sound for One Direction which every fan went crazy for.
  • “If I Could Fly” make you believe that One Direction harmonies with a little bit of piano make a great combination. If you don’t believe me, just listen to this song. This song is beautiful, reminding fans on “Little Things” and “Fool’s Golds”.
  • “Never Enough” is so unique that by the first five seconds of this song, you can tell it’s going to be different from any other One Direction song. Such a fun song to listen and jam out to, would strongly recommend.
  • “Olivia” made me want to change my name to Olivia. Songs like this one remind me why I love this album so much. This is one of the many songs where you can hear their new sound emerging with violins and trumpets.
  • “What A Feeling” is the song that gives me an 80s vibe. Is it lame if I say it’s groovy? Maybe? It’s the only word I can think of to describe this song, so this song is very groovy.
  • “Love You Goodbye” can only be described in many different ways, but one word comes to mind everytime I hear this song: heartbreaking.
  • “History” is a breakthrough song. This song wasn’t that popular at first. But after the band announced that Infinity would be their next music video, fans made this song so popular that the boys ditched “Infinity” for “History”. Not only is the song good, but the music video is amazing. It’s filled with old videos of the band from their days on the X-Factor and their first couple of years touring. It was the last music video released before they left for their hiatus, and it was definitely a great gift to the fans.
  • “Temporary Fix” is just breathtaking. No words can describe why every fan loves this song, they just do.
  • “Wolves” is a major fan favorite. This song is the main reason why I love this album so much. I don’t even know how to explain how much I love this song, but it’s definitely one of my favorite songs by them.