Top Places To Eat In Keller


Makenzy Bozosi , Staff Writer

Keller is not a very large city, but it is full of delicious food places of all different flavors. Even though it might seem like all there is to eat here is chicken, here are some places to eat.


Chick-fil-A: Everything here is chicken. If you want chicken this is best place to get it. Grilled, breaded, in a bun, or on a salad…any way you want it, you can get it.

Raising Cane’s: More chicken, but this time fried. There are only four things they serve here: chicken, fries,  coleslaw, and bread.

Zaxby’s: They have good chicken, too, but their salads are definitely what you go there for.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers: Burgers are served here but their meat is really thin and so are their fries.

McDonald’s: Most people say their food is fake and it might be, but if it’s fake, then fake tastes good. They have good nuggets, burgers, breakfast, but fries are for sure the best thing they serve.

Whataburger: Food here is so-so, but if you are bored and doing nothing Whata is where it’s at. There are always people there. Their Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit (HBCB) is only served from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., but worth the wait.

Sonic: Sonic’s food actually isn’t that good, but their drinks are amazing: milkshakes, slushes, teas, sodas, and more.

Chicken Express: Texas fried food all the way. It might taste good in the mouth, but your stomach will hate you after.

Taco Casa/Bueno/Bell: All these taco places taste the same to me and I don’t know which is which, but their quesadillas are always safe to go to if you don’t know what to order.


FnG Eats: In Keller Town Center, they have a variety of good food, like steaks, chicken, salads, tacos, and a bunch more yummy things.

Chili’s: All things good are made here. Make sure to get chips and salsa because it is worth it. Also, they have all different types of food and healthy options, too. Welcome to Chili’s.

Joe’s Pasta and Pizza: One of the only places in Keller to find some real Italian food. They take a little while to get your food out to you, but for sure worth the wait.

Funky Baja: Some good Tex-Mex. It’s best to go in a big group, for example, after a sporting event. They have very good nachos and chicken fingers.

Chipotle: Quick Mexican food with a lime flavor to it. You can get it in a bowl or burrito; it’s really good and makes your taste buds dance.

Cotton Patch: Good family homestyle food to eat with a variety of delicious appetizers and meals.

Chapps: Burgers, chicken, and fries are their main food groups.

Bottlecap Alley Ice House Grill: They have very good build-your-own burgers.

DeVivo Bros. Eatery: Really good for some yummy brunch. They have good lunch and dinner, but their breakfast is the best.

Spring Creek Barbeque: Barbeque buffet with the best rolls you can find.

Snooty Pig Cafe: Another amazing breakfast place.

Palio’s Pizza Cafe: Italian food, known for their really good thin crust pizza.

Jersey Mike’s Subs: Quick and easy sandwiches that are freshly made in front of you.