Star Wars News!


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

Star Wars Episode 8 has a title! Yes, Star Wars fans the title to the newest addition to the saga has been revealed, the full title will be, Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. Ever since this news hit people have had so many questions, like, who is the Last Jedi? Is it talking about just one or multiple Jedi? What does this title mean!? Fan boys (and girls) all have their own theories about what is actually means, so I thought I would share mine.

I’m going to start out with the main question, Who? I think the last Jedi is actually both Luke Skywalker and Rey, knowing how episode 7 ended with Rey finding Luke and handing him his long lost light saber. This leads me to think the last Jedi is actually talking about two separate Jedi.

As for what it means, we know that this movie will pick off right after episode 7 ends. In other words, there will be no time jump in between the two movies, so I think the main story will be Luke training Rey throughout the movie. I just hope it’s not too similar to episode 5.

We all have very high hopes for this movie, and if just the title reveal created this much hype, how much hype is the first actual trailer going to generate. Still, the movie doesn’t come out until mid December, so we have a while to wait.