Hairstyles Through The Ages

Makenzy Bozosi, Staff Writer

Hair has been a very big fashion statement since basically forever. So let’s take a trip through the decades and to see all their hair styles.


The trend during 1900-1909 was a very bold look. It was short and usually curly but people liked to go with the “bedhead” look. It usually stuck out a solid 6 inches.


Next women discovered hair gel. It was still a little natural but a lot more pulled in. The hair still seemed to be greasy, but just on the crease kind of like 5 days non washed hair. Yet the sides were gently crimped to give off an elegant yet bold look.


The hair still was really frizzy and people liked it short and let it do whatever it wanted to do.


Thirty and flirty was probably their motto, with that risky but classy look most ladies in the 1930’s were trying to achieve. The top was kind of bubbled but the ends are let free and bushy like… nevermind.


Now they are starting to use some sort of heat product to make big luscious curls. Yet the top is teased into a big enough that Bethany Hamilton couldn’t even surf it.We are getting closer to normal each decade.  


1950’s was the time that women started to pull back their hair, but bangs were definitely in.The women’s faces appear to be a lot brighter so their hair must not put them in pain anymore.


Psych not normal anymore, now we know why the air is still polluted, because of the amount of hairspray they used in the 60’s.


Now we have big loose curls that tried to achieve a natural look but definitely failed. Teasing was for sure a big hit during this decade and the bigger the better.


Perm was definitely the word every women strived to achieve. Big. frizzy. Curls.

Next is the half curled half wave look. And the top was kind of combed back loosely to give a natural look.