New Year’s Resolutions Tips and Tricks

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

As the start of the new year arrives, so do New Year resolutions. Unfortunately, resolutions around the start of the new year have come to have a bad connotation. Nowadays, people may call resolutions old news or tacky, but if done right they can be beneficial and help achieve goals! To make sure your resolutions can stand the test of time, read on and learn about a couple of ways you can help yourself achieve your new year’s goals.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when brainstorming new year’s resolutions is to keep them realistic. Setting an impossible goal and somehow believing it will come true by the end of the year will do you no good. Be transparent with yourself and know your limits. If you know it sounds impossible, it probably is. Instead of writing down that monster of a goal, take baby steps! Completing one step of a time makes the resolution more practical and more likely to get done.

In addition to keeping your resolution’s practical, you need to actually follow through with them! It may seem obvious, but this is the hardest tip to follow through on. To make your resolutions or goals easier to maintain, I suggest creating an inspirational board or finding a saying that motivates you to stick with your goal. Creating a routine to stick to may also help you settle into your new expectations and goals.

It’s okay to break your resolution once and awhile. It only shows that you’re human and can make mistakes, but don’t let it discourage you! It may seem like the end of the world (and your resolution) but it’s just a minor setback. Most importantly, try to not beat yourself up about it. Setbacks are all a part of life and just like life, your resolutions will likely come with setbacks or obstacles.

If your goal or resolution is super hard or is taking its toll on you, try surrounding yourself with things that make you happy, or watch some funny videos (maybe your favorite tv show) to help boost your spirits. It doesn’t sound like much, but it will really help you in the long run. Don’t forget that it’s ok to have a “cheat day” as well. Everything should be in moderation, and if that cheat day is what you need to keep going, go ahead and have it! New year’s resolutions are all about your personal journey and goals, so make sure to change or adapt this article to fit your individual needs.

It’s understandable that quitting a bad habit or starting something new is difficult, but these tips and tricks should help you along your way to a happy and successful new year!