Disney Channel’s Overrated Movies

Rani Hamilton, Staff Writer

Before I even start, I’m going to apologize. Even if only three people read this, two-thirds of those people are most likely going to get offended. I don’t like a lot of things, and I feel the need to inform the rest of the world on how I feel about those specific things. One of these specific things are Disney Channel Original Movies. You know the ones. High School Musical, Camp Rock, other extremely bad ones that are worshipped for some unknown reason.

I’ve heard the defense, “It’s all about nostalgia!” For me, nostalgia is going back and looking at things that made me happy in the past and will continue to make me happy in the present day. Not an unrealistic movie with Zac Efron singing “Getcha Head in the Game.” Plus, we all know the only High School Musical song that will forever be good is “Bet On It.” If you wanted nostalgia, why would you not go back and watch good movies from your childhood, such as the eternal classic, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, or the only DCOMs that matter, Jump In! starring Corbin Bleu and Twitches.

It’s understandable that children watch these movies. They don’t understand what good acting or a good screenplay is and no 8-year-old can resist “Amigas Cheetahs.” But when we reach a point where I see an 18-year-old voluntarily watching Camp Rock in their free time, that’s where it needs to end. Disney Channel already took enough of our pure childhood, so why would we let them take even more of it?

Of course, I can’t completely slander DCOMs without noting the fact that some of them have extremely important messages for growing children. The 2000 DCOM The Color of Friendship had an impact on me when I watched it ages ago. I was growing up in a overall tolerant world, and I had yet to understand just how different the world was before I was born. Although it was a Disney movie, it did allow me to be extremely appreciative of the fact that I was taught tolerance. I was able to go to school and experience a variety of people, a thing that wasn’t even thought about just a short time before me.

This doesn’t justify how bad recent DCOMs have been though.

Most DCOM actors disappear into thin air after their time on Disney Channel is over, and it’s for a reason. Disney Channel Original Movies are just not enough to prove to somebody that you’re actually a good actor. The only actors that tend to become popular are the leading roles, because well… they were leading roles. Maybe this is all just a corrupt system Disney is running. We want answers, Disney.

Basically, Disney Channel Original Movies are a complete waste of time and I can’t understand why some people continue to watch them as they grow older. Even if it’s a special occasion, please watch something more worth your time. I assure you it will be tons more fun than re-watching Princess Protection Program for the 20th time (actually, does anybody even remember that movie? Back when Demi and Selena’s friendship existed and wasn’t torn apart by Taylor Swift?). Just to be safe, I’m going to say sorry again. I’m sorry to the two-thirds people that are going to be mad. I tried to be as nice as I could.