Art: The Continuance of Creating


Armando Tellez

Dan Flavin Art Piece

Armando Tellez, Staff Writer

Everything on this earth has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The distinguishing factor lies in the span of its lifetime. Some things last a thousand years, while others don’t even last a second. And it all seems to fit a purpose. The things that we build are built out of necessity. For example, bridges are built to link two places, and clocks are wired to tell the time. But what about art? What are paintings, poems, and stories created for?

Art only decays. Whatever an artist crafts only deteriorates day by day. In the case of paintings, it could be due to exposure to damaging light, or unyielding humidity. For stories, it could be due to the change in language across generations that renders a whole a text meaningless. It doesn’t last, and yet people continue to create art.

But maybe that’s okay. In my opinion, art isn’t created to last. It’s meant to do what necessary things can’t do. It’s meant to feel, and scream, and inspire, but not die. Art does decay. But unlike buildings and computers,art serves a far greater purpose. You can see it in every passing generation. We’re all a result of millennia of feelings embedded in the art crafted by those before us, and as a result of every invention created.

Art is all about the artist, the audience, and a moment of inspiration; the rest is the result.