Break the Mold

Break the Mold

Audrey Cook, Managing Editor and Student Life Editor

*This poem is inspired by the art piece “Composition No. 1” (Fernand Leger) located in the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth.


Break the Mold:


Realize yourself

in your art.


Let your perspective bleed

from the tender touch

of your brush,

your pen,

your voice.


Let the machine of your life

build the depth of your art.


Command the soldiering pieces of your experiences

to stand at attention to the urgency of your art.


Give them color.

Give them shape.

Give them definition.



Don’t do it as it’s always been done before.

Don’t expect someone to tell you that it’s “good”

because it doesn’t have to be “good”…


It just has to be yours.  


For art is not a byproduct of you;

it is you.