The Dawn of A New Era

The Dawn of A New Era

Sandra Decaigny , Staff Writer

January 20, an insignificant day in retrospect. This day, though, every four years, represents the dawn of a new era, the passing of the torch from one commander to the next. The day where America holds its breath in anticipation for the incoming president. On November 4, 2016, Donald Trump won the presidential election, making him the forty-fifth president of the United States. January has been dedicated to the events leading up to the Inaugural Address.

On January 10, Barack Obama gave his farewell address that consisted of a unifying message, divisive diction, a commemoration of the last eight years, a call to protest, and a tear for the future.

Thursday morning, January 19, the inaugural concert was held with performances by Three Doors Down, Toby Keith, and Jackie Evancho. The Marine Corps band performed classic patriotic musical interludes. “I’m Proud to be an American” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic” created an aura of American pride that has been long overdue. One artist performed a song that was quite ironic, titled, “It’s Okay,” with the propaganda plaguing minds creating unrest in the nation. This song seemed to capture the peace of mind all America has to remember. No matter what, everything will be okay. On Friday the majority of the events took place, starting out with Melania Trump gracing the Inauguration in a monochromatic Ralph Lauren powder blue pencil skirt that dialed her inner Jackie Onassis.  Melania wore this stunning ensemble to breakfast with Barack and Michelle Obama and while her husband was being sworn in.

“Open your heart to patriotism and there is no room for prejudice,” is one of the phrases spoken during President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural address. The speech inspired hope, pride, and patriotism. It articulated the need to bring jobs back to America, the need to unify, and the need to protect America. His address mainly focused on the need to put the American citizens first before party obligations and before other countries. “This day marks the transition of power from Washington and giving it  back to the people,” Trump said. The people become the rulers again, not people for a nation but a nation for the people, was a motivator that drove his speech. He made promises to make safer neighborhoods, to stop throwing money at districts that produce minds of mush, to bring jobs back to America. He spoke of love of nation, love of God, and love of citizens, saying he will fight for the better of the country until his dying breath. The crowd roared as he took the oath of office with his hand placed on top of Lincoln’s and his mother’s Bibles.

Fireworks splayed across the night sky as President Trump stood watching the inaugural parade from the viewing deck. The parade showcased bands from colleges all over the country, from the College of Texas to the historically black college to Alabama. Each branch of the military performed as they passed the President. Trump stayed in an upright standing position and saluted them, signifying the gratitude he felt for their service.

The real spectacle of the evening was the balls that were held: The Liberty Ball, were President and First Lady Trump shared their first dance as commander and chief of the United states; the Armed Service Ball, in honor of all veterans and troops, which is televised to those overseas serving. At the ball, Trump shared a dance with his wife and had the service members join in. Lastly, the Freedom Ball, where Trump gave a few remarks on his presidency.  

Now America has a new President, has entered a new era, and has watched the torch be passed. The collective breath that has been held has rushed out. America waits now, waits for growth, hope, and the future.