Movie Review: Passengers

McKenna Hixon, Staff Writer

Right now there’s a plethora of good movies out. One of those that I had the opportunity to see was Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, who happen to be some of my favorite actors.

Going into the movie, my expectations were pretty high considering all I had seen about it on Twitter were rave reviews. And I wasn’t disappointed after I saw it, but it wasn’t as amazing as I had pictured it; however I got sucked into the story and I did enjoy it.

The movie is best when you go in knowing as little as possible. I was glad I did this because all I knew about the movie was what I saw in the brief trailer.  What I thought going in was that Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s characters woke up at the same time, but in actuality that’s not the case and adds to suspense and tension in between the two main characters.

One thing that I thought was interesting was that there were only four main characters who interacted in the movie, one of them being a robot. They were surrounded by hundreds of other people but this added to the sense of isolation that’s felt by the main characters.

I usually enjoy when movies are guaranteed to have a one hundred percent happy ending, like seeing a Disney movie and knowing there’s little to no chance that you’ll leave sad. However, towards the middle of this movie I realized that it would be hard for them to end up with a completely happy ending. The ending of the movie was definitely bittersweet, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The special effects in this movie were better than I thought they would be going in and I was happily surprised. Movies with bad special effects can be hard for me to watch just, because I cringe the whole time but I never felt like that in this movie, and actually enjoyed the element of futuristic technology that the effects added to the movie.

One part of the movie that I thought was annoying was that towards the middle of the movie it just seemed like Jennifer Lawrence’s character randomly realized that she liked Chris Pratt’s character and they had a lot of random, graphics through the middle of the movie, so I recommend seeing this movie with someone you’re comfortable watching this with.

In all, I thought Passengers was an entertaining movie and I enjoyed watching it. I would recommend seeing it as soon as possible because I’m not sure for how much longer it’ll be in theaters, or watching it as soon as it’s on On Demand or Netflix.