Pump Up Playlist


Megan Mousaw, Online Editor

As the second semester begins, I’ve noticed just about every student is on the verge of losing their mind. Our motivation, energy, and our desire to do good in our classes has dropped, along with the amount of sleep we get each night. So to get us through these next couple months before spring break and summer, I’ve collected some songs to get you pumped up and motivated for the long days and weeks ahead of us. Hopefully, these songs will get you through your stressful Mondays, or maybe you just need some good songs to rock out to. Either way, enjoy!

“Final Song” by MO

“New Skin” by Beach Weather

“Waste a Moment” by Kings of Leon

“Carried Away” by Passion Pit

“Portugal” by WALK THE MOON

“Tongue Tied” by Grouplove

“Talk Too Much” by COIN

“Work This Body” by WALK THE MOON

“LA Devotee” by Panic! At The Disco

“Toothbrush” by DNCE