Most Popular Christmas Gifts


Matt Sweren, Staff Writer

This Christmas seemed like a great one for everyone. It was filled with family and friends, holiday joy, and many gifts. The gifts for this year were great for friends and family. Here are the most popular gifts from age 8 to 24 this Christmas.

ages 8-11

Hatchimals – a stuffed toy that opens out of its disposable shell surprises the kids with joy. It was very popular and fun gift. Company spin master made lots of money with this Christmas hit.

ages 12-14

For consecutive years the Hoverboard has been the hit that all the kids wanted. With the two wheeled Segway that has no handle, it was like a transportation source without having a car and it gave a sense of freedom to the kids

ages 15-18

A car is always the coveted gift when you are a teenager. But regardless of the want of expensive cars, it seemed to be the iPad pro that hit the spot. It is a good help tool in high school and the start of college.

ages 19-25

Fitbit has taken control of the fit band market to track steps and exercise and was the perfect gift for someone who is trying to get their life back together or is already an avid gym person.