La La Land is lovely


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“A Lovely Night”

Armando Tellez, Staff Wrter

The critics are right. La La Land is one of the best movies of 2016. From its opening number to its last scene, La La Land entertains and delivers to its audience an instant classic for ages to come.

The story portrays the struggles experienced by dreamers hoping to make it in a big city such as Los Angeles. As one of two, the story follows Mia, an actress auditioning for a variety of shows and movies but never actually getting the part. The second is a pianist called Sebastian with a profound appreciation for jazz, wishing to resuscitate the dying music genre by opening his own club. Almost as if fated to come together, their paths collapse culminating in a story of mutual help and fated love.

The film is written and directed by director Damien Chazelle, and stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It was shot on 35mm film, giving it the look films had before the digital age. As part of his preparation, Ryan Gosling had to learn piano in order to be able to play the songs his character plays in the movie, and learn to dance as well. Even more impressive is the fact that most musical numbers in the film were recorded live. In doing so, audiences bear witness to complex characters by seeing emotion in every gulp and every pause as part of the actors’ thought process in the musical number. Emma Stone’s “Audition” is one of these numbers, and its value in performance and direction is truly appreciated by audiences, as evidenced by its nomination for a 2016 Critic’s Choice Award.

Then there’s also the use of color that effectively captures the tone and feeling of certain scenes in the movie. The vibrant colors used in the beginning for example, capture the potential in both Gosling and Stone’s characters as they embark on a journey without a destination. It is only upon the arrival to that destination that the movie shifts to duller colors emphasizing the melancholic mood of the film due to the transformation in both their characters and their relationship. The use of color in the movie drives down with certainty the truth about the pursuit of dreams.

I would highly recommend anyone to see this movie. Even if it’s not your usual and preferred genre in movies, try it.