“I Wait” Was Worth the Wait

Rani Hamilton, Staff Writer

The start of a brand new year is finally here, and it’s time for people to take a chance and try new things, especially people in the music world. On January 6th, Korean band DAY6 released a music video for “I Wait” off of their new album Every DAY6 January. This is only the first part of their new year-long project. The band plans to release an album on the 6th day of every month for the entirety of 2017. Other groups in the industry have done something similar in the past, such as BIGBANG in 2015, but only for a few months. A group has never dedicated a full year to releasing music per month.

  Of course, these albums won’t be full length every month. Only two songs were released on the 6th this month; their title track “I Wait” as well as “Goodbye Winter”. If they keep this pattern up, by the end of the year, we will have 24 new songs from DAY6. For an underrated band that’s only been able to release 10 songs since their debut in September 2015, this will be a new beginning for them. Guitarist Jae hopes this will boost their popularity, jokingly saying it will “Make Jae Not Go Hungry”.

  “I Wait” is drastically different from DAY6’s past releases, another type of new beginning for the band. It’s a bit more rock and fast-paced, compared to their relaxed singles “Congratulations” and “Letting Go”. It’s definitely a fantastic difference though. Changing your image every once in awhile is a good idea, as it allows you to appeal to a wider audience. The song is an emotional track about not being able to let go of someone you love, a highly relatable track for stereotypical teens.  

  While their title track may be completely different than their older ones, “Goodbye Winter” is similar to the songs on their past albums The Day and Daydream. The soft rock and strong vocals are guaranteed to immediately put you in a trance. Even if you aren’t normally a fan of this genre, I would still highly recommend checking them out. I usually can’t stand soft rock, but there’s just something about DAY6 that makes you want to listen to them for days.

  The beginning of a new year is here and taking a chance with some new music is the perfect way to start it off! Check out DAY6’s music video for “I Wait” and if you like them, support them in their new venture for this year!