Ed Sheeran releases two new songs


Samantha Mohr , Culture Editor | Design Team

To my dismay, on January 6, Ed Sheeran did not release an album. He only released two singles.

1) “Shape of You” – This song is one that makes you want to dance. To me, there isn’t much meaning behind it. It opens with the lyrics, “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover so the bar is where I go.” As you can tell, it’s set up to be a party song. It has a cool beat that doesn’t have much progression, but it remains fun. “Shape of You” is a song to jam out in the car to, but it has no meaning beyond that.

2) “Castle on the Hill” – This song has everything that “Shape of You” has (a cool beat, dancy tunes) but more. The meaning behind it is about missing where you’re from, and missing the memories you made there. I like this song because when I go off to college, I am most likely going to relate to it more. This song features a softer side of Sheeran, and delves further into his past than most of his previous songs have.

Although I am disappointed in having to wait until March for the full album, these two singles give me hope that it could be his best work yet.