British Slang


Olivia Stengem, Staff Writer

While language differs across the world, so does slang. What means one thing to us, may mean something different to someone in another country. In the U.S. we have many questionable sayings, while other places in the world have their own slang terms that are just as strange. But what are these unknown terms? Here is a small list of British slang terms to entertain your curious mind.

Ace – Awesome. If something was ‘ace’, it was really good.

Blattered – Intoxicated.

Gander – To have a look around.

Get stuffed! – A polite way to tell someone to get away from you.

Honking – To be sick or throwing up.

I’m easy – This is said when someone does not care; it’s all the same to them.

Knees up – To dance and/or go dancing. Adjective for liveliness.

Mug – If someone is a ‘mug’, they are gullible.

Lurgy – To be lurgy, is to be sick or have the flu.

Naff – Uncool.

Nut – To head butt someone.

Narked – To be in a bad mood.

Ring – To call on the cellphone.

Slag – To ‘slag someone off’ is to tell them off in a rude way.

Spend a penny – To go to the bathroom.  

Twit – An idiot.

Wacky backy – Marijuana.

Zonked – Tired or exhausted.

Do one’s nut – To become enraged.

Earwig – To eavesdrop.

Nob – A person of high social status, snob.

Paste – To hit, punch, or beat thoroughly.

Queer someone’s pitch – To spoil someone’s efforts.

Tosh – Nonsense.

Wag off – To waste time, or play truant.

Balls-up -“Gone wrong”, as in a situation that hasn’t gone according to plan.