Behind the Screens: Yang and Julio


Chastity Frazier and Megan Mousaw

Deep in the halls of Keller High School lies a room with twenty-nine Apple MacBook computers, thirty four chairs, and an interesting group of writers.

Room 1106 holds more than just two moron best friends who dated the same guy. If you look beyond, secluded in the back of the class, you’ll find two beautiful people too afraid to admit their feelings to each other. Let’s call them Yang and Julio.

Yang and Julio pass time with watching How To Get Away With Murder, helping the other with english, and take cute selfies together. Not only do they have newspaper together, but their love story continues to blossom in forensic science, while they learn about criminal justice and fight crimes together.
Their love story started on August 23, 2016 when Yang saw Julio all alone in the corner of the class. Yang felt sad for Julio so she invited him over to her corner of the class, and history began.

“Are you a sophomore?” Yang asked Julio.

“No, I’m a senior,” Julio replied.

“Yoooo, I’m a senior too,” said Yang. And that was officially the start of their modern day Romeo and Juliet.

To this day, the newspaper room is always filled with love and compassion because of Yang and Julio’s growing romance. Every staff member on the newspaper knows about their blossoming love story, and everyone supports it fully. We here at the newspaper are so certain that relationship will stay strong forever that some us have started planning their wedding!

There are some times, however, where the newspaper staff sees their relationship fall apart in the classroom. Julio is the jealous type, you see, so he’s always getting frustrated with Yang about the smallest things. But in the end, they always end up back together, in their healthy relationship.