Film Review: Space Jam


Jack Steyer, Staff Writer/Photo Editor

The twentieth anniversary for Space Jam was just a little while ago, and man has it made the past two decades more tolerable. I first saw the movie when my mom dropped me off at some fitness club near Southlake (I don’t know how we could afford that club at that time; we’re so middle class it hurts). They pulled in one of those TVs on a cart and played the movie Space Jam, and I was blown away. Never before had I seen such a film, such a unique collaboration between universes and characters. Cartoon superstar Bugs Bunny and the basketball legend Michael Jordan, oh and Newman from Seinfeld. The plot revolves around the Looney Toons gang trying to keep themselves from being destroyed by aliens who took famous basketball stars powers through a magic basketball, sent by their boss to claim their world for their own. To stop themselves from being beaten, they challenge the aliens to a game of basketball because they’re short at the time, hence why they took talented basketball players talent away from them. Once this happens, they grow exponentially larger and beat the looney gang. Bugs Bunny then “kidnaps” Jordan and he helps them beat the aliens. The plot sounds ridiculous and a little over the top, and it is in truth. That’s what Looney Toons is all about though, senseless bickering and comic violence. This has been a favorite film of mine since it takes some of my favorite things to watch, cartoons and basketball, and combines them in a good manner. The acting from the basketball players is poor, but I have no complaints since they’re professional athletes not actors. My official, un biased rating for this masterpiece is 10/10, no questions asked.