Armando Tellez-Vazquez, Staff Writer

November is over, and with it: NANOWRIMO. It is an opportunity for aspiring writers to spend the month of November developing a story idea into a novel. They write without stopping to revise until they have a completed first draft. The point is to put ideas on a page and see where it takes you. Hopefully, by the time November ends, a completed draft or at least a draft of a story that, having started, you’ll continue developing.

I think it’s a great idea. It prompts people to create and experience what it’s like to write a novel. It also promotes literacy in the population by promoting books, reading, and writing. You can even go online and find forums created specifically for the community of writers embarking on this task.

The only trouble is it’s not as easy as it sounds. Work on a novel for a month? Not as simple as it sounds. There are plenty of distractions. There is school to think about, work, friends, family, and sleep. At first the solution appears to be to work on it at the end of the day; during free time. But it doesn’t work like that. When you get back home at the end of the day, the most probable outcome is sleep. Sleep and rest outweigh the desire to work on the novel.

But don’t give up. It doesn’t matter if the first draft is not finished at the end of November like it’s apparently supposed to be. It matters that you start. Next year, if you have a story you wish to tell, take the challenge. Write!