Restaurant Review: Roy’s

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

El Paseo in Keller was a moderately well known Mexican restaurant. No one could deny the goodness of their fresh seasoned tortilla chips or the perhaps abnormal and characteristic fountain featuring the heads of lions that greets you when you walk in. For reasons unbeknownst to many, (or at least myself), El Paseo’s has been replaced with another Mexican restaurant: Roy’s.

Though on the inside and outside remain the same with its string lights and familiar decor, the food seems different. My rating:


Some items on the menu compared to El Paseo’s have either stayed the same, been gotten rid of, or added onto. For instance, they have a specified breakfast menu on Sunday’s. Below I will detail the pros and cons of “Roy’s.”

On the positive side, they have added a Sunday breakfast menu, which offers versatility and options for picky kids. Also, their menu is not too big or too small, which makes it easy to navigate. Familiar choices are everywhere.

Nonetheless, the cons weigh too heavily for me to ever want to go back. For one, their tortilla chips that come out before a waiter or waitress comes to take your order do not seem as fresh like they used to. Secondly, this seems to be a chain. When I ordered the enchilada plate, the same results awaited me. It seemed dry and like it had been sitting under a heat lamp. Another thing that shocked me was the lack of an item on the menu that would normally be recognized everywhere, or at least every Mexican restaurant I have ever been to. They do not have quesadillas.

With these in mind, experiment and go there on your own accord if you do not believe me. Everyone has different tastes. These are just my thoughts.