Pentatonix Concert: Dallas 2016


Meleah York, Staff Writer

On Sunday, November 20th, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Pentatonix concert at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. My best friend Jamie had flown in from California and we were literally the most excited we’d ever been. Jamie had been to many concerts except for Pentatonix, who I had seen two other times.

Here’s a little background. Pentatonix is an a capella group from Arlington that has collectively released four albums of covers and original songs and three Christmas albums. They perform completely with their own voices, using a beatboxer as their background and adding harmonies and beats to the initial melody.

Us The Duo, a husband-and-wife, well, duo, opened the show with literal relationship goals, and got us pumped for what was yet to come.

Pentatonix’s performance was incredible. The show was focused around their self-named, most recent album that contained more original songs than previous albums. The show mixed previous covers and songs that added that bit of nostalgia, including Radioactive, a Michael Jackson medley, Cheerleader, and Lean On. Their original songs had more of a hype effect. Pentatonix opened with Sing and Na Na Na, which had a huge effect on the audience at the beginning. Kirsti Monaldo killed it singing her feature song, Water, and Cracked was belted out amazingly by Scott Hoying. They performed a cover of Where Are U Now and their originals, Can’t Sleep Love and Rose Gold near the middle, which was filled with a driving power that really carried on the show. Before going off stage they presented a powerful rendition of Hallelujah from their most recent Christmas album in honor of Leonard Cohen, who recently passed away (yes, I might have been a weeping mess…)

Pentatonix returned for an encore of singing another original, Light in the Hallway, completely a capella without beatboxing in a silent and stunned venue. The closer was filled with colorful confetti while they sang a reprise of Sing.

Overall, the concert was amazing. You could see how dedicated Pentatonix was to giving an incredible show, and they pushed through with their voices until the very end. This concert was in the place where they grew up, and their families, teachers, and friends were all present in the audience. The show was very important to them, and they showed it through their powerful performance.

Be sure to check out their newest albums, Pentatonix and A Pentatonix Christmas.