How To Get Away With Murder: Winter Finale Review

Viola Davis as Annalise Keating

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Viola Davis as Annalise Keating

Armando Tellez-Vazquez, Staff Writer

In the How to get away with murder winter finale we found out who of Annalise’s inner circle was under the sheet. SPOILERS ahead.

The episode started out by describing the events that ensued after episode eight’s climatic ending. In short, we find out that Frank doesn’t pull the trigger, and consequently, isn’t dead. Then we flash forward to the day of the murder and find out that Annalise is being investigated by the DA. In the moments that follow we see the Keating 5 celebrating, Annalise scrambling to get rid of evidence from the previous seasons’ murders, and Wes being called into the police station. Consequently, Bonnie talks to Frank about helping Annalise get through this by taking the fall while a drunk Annalise calls the Keating 5 to her house to explain what has happened. It is in the final moments that we see Nate going into the house followed by Laurel moments before the explosion that burns down her house. The flash-forwards from previous episodes lead us to believe Nate is under the sheet, the victim of the house fire, since we’d already seen everyone else alive after the explosion. In How to get away with murder fashion, nothing is as it seems and we find out Wes is the actual body under the sheet.

This was highly unexpected. In previous flash-forwards we saw Wes alive, talking to the DA about helping take down Annalise by providing information. We were led to believe this scene occurred after the explosion instead of hours before. Once again, we assume, and believe he died at the house. And again, we are wrong. In the final scene when Nate visits Annalise in the police station where she’s being held on arson and murder charges, Nate reveals that Wes was dead before the explosion. And it ends, leaving us with a mountain of questions that will only be answered when the show comes back on January.

As a whole, I liked the mystery surrounding the identity of the body under the sheet. The flash-forwards were used effectively in providing information on who was and wasn’t alive. It built up suspense really well by building tension within different characters, keeping us guessing who would be capable of murdering one of them, or if not themselves, who? In  my opinion, season 2 still has the best mystery because of the whole messiness of it all that leaves you unable to put one and two together until the end when everything is revealed. Still, season 3’s winter finale delivered and I look forward to finding out who killed Wes and why.