Concert Review: Grouplove


Natalie Hornbaker, Staff Writer

The American Indie alternative band Grouplove performed in Dallas, Texas November 15th at the House of Blues venue. They are currently on tour for their new album Big Mess. Dying to see them live, junior Landree Sayles bought tickets to their performance at the House of Blues. Being a fan of Grouplove since they formed in 2009, Landree was ecstatic to see them play. The concert was “life changing and inspiring” to Landree and by far her favorite concert she has been to. “When they started singing, something in the room changed and everyone in the crowd started singing together” Landree said. “It was better than anything I could have dreamed of and I wish I could relive the night over and over again” she said, reminiscing on the night. Her favorite song that they played that night was “I’m With You” which is on their other album Spreading Rumors. If you are looking for a band that can sing the thoughts on your mind, listen to Grouplove, and hopefully you will experience the joy that Landree does when she listens to them.