Film Review: Fantastic Beasts

Mackenzie Tomlinson, Spotlight Editor

Since I came out of the womb, a Harry Potter book gripped in my infant hands, I have been obsessed with everything having to do with it. It’s been years since the last movie and book came out, and I know many fans have patiently awaited another chance to visit our favorite fictional world. When I heard about “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” I was somewhat doubtful that it would live up to my expectations, and I feared it might just be a shameless money grab (especially when it was revealed it would be a five movie series.)

However, after seeing the movie on opening night in a crowded theater that included many high schoolers, as well as my favorite APUSH teacher Mr. Clemmons, I was very impressed with the latest installment by J.K. Rowling. Though it may indeed have been a money grab, it was not shameless, and they actually produced a good quality movie that will impress both fans of Harry Potter and people who have never heard of it.

The movie stars Eddie Redmayne, who I usually can’t stand because of his extremely punchable face, but who was the perfect casting for our main character Newt, who is basically a moron who comes to America with a suitcase full of deadly animals and then accidentally releases them all into New York City, which for obvious reasons is no bueno. So the movie follows Newt, his new best friend Tina (Katherine Waterson), and Jacob (Dan Fogel), a guy who wants to open a strudel bakery as they try to stop an impending magical war and rescue all the creatures before they murder innocent civilians.

A great film no matter what your interest level in Harry Potter (or lack thereof) is! 4.5/5 stars.