Film Review: Cafe Society

Abby Wormsbaker , Staff Writer

Cafe Society (directed by Woody Allen) is a film based in the 1930’s in Hollywood and New York starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, and Steve Carell. It’s a film about a man named Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) who goes to California to figure things out with his life. He gets a job to work for his uncle Phil (Steve Carell) and ends up falling in love with his secretary, Vonnie (Kristen Stewart). Things get in between the two but they eventually end up together. Later in the film Bobby discovers that Vonnie and his uncle were secretly an item. This creates tension between them, and Bobby ends up moving back to New York, where he originally came from.

As Bobby is back in New York, he creates a new life with his successful business and  a girl he eventually meets named [ironically] Veronica (Blake Lively). The two form a family and everything is beautiful between them. Until one day his uncle and ex-girlfriend walk into his hotel and turn things back to the past.

 This film is full of vintage, colorful, and beautiful cinematography that lightens any mood. The music, fashion and talk are all obviously from the 1930’s which makes the film even more aesthetically pleasing. Find out what happens next, this film won’t disappoint.