Best Chicken Place in Keller

Matt Sweren, Staff Writer

As many of you now there is a large amount of chicken places in Keller. But none stand out too much over the other as the best. All of the places each have their ups and downs. But today we crown the best one there is… based on three categories: chicken, sides, and sauce.

Chicken Express.

Chicken- it’s crunchy and it tastes like real chicken. But is often served cold because of its holding time.

Sides- Chicken express has a lot of great sides. But there best ones are there mashed potatoes and corn nuggets. The mashed potatoes are perfectly seasoned and buttery to the core. And the corn nuggets are just bunches of fried cream corn that belong in heaven.

Sauce- mostly only known for their gravy it it deliciously peppered and is great accompanying your chicken.

Raising Cane’s.

Chicken- crunchy exterior so and super hot inside and will always be fresh

Sauce- Cane’s sauce: has a hint ketchup and mayo base with a delicious peppery seasoning.

Sides- cole slaw: nice crunch and a little over dressed. Texas toast: has a delicious Texas toast perfectly buttered and not to crunchy but just crunchy enough. And the fries are the best part about Cane’s. You can never go wrong with their fires.


Chicken- generally extremely crispy it is often cold due to holding time. I also find it extremely chewy and stringy.

Sauce- very similar to Cane’s sauce; it has a lot more pepper. But a very tasty alternative.

Sides-  the fries are also often cold but the seasoning makes up for it. And according to a classmate the fried mushrooms are on point.


chicken – the chicken a Chick-fil-a is different type of chicken due to the marinade. And it is delicious. With the delicious crunchy on the side it is to die for. They are also one of the only places to do have chicken sandwiches that are really good.

Sauce- Chick-fil-a has many sauces including Polynesian buffalo and my personal favorite Chick-fil-a sauce. It’s a lot different than all of the other signature sauces. It is sweeter and is kind of like a mix between honey mustard and barbecue and is a favorite within the sauce spectrum.

Sides- when it comes to Chick-fil-a there are no other sides that come close to their delicious waffle fries. The are amazing and will go to the Hall of Fame one day.

To crown the winner I obviously could not pick myself so I had a class vote and with a tie for third place it’s Chicken Express and Zaxby’s.

And the grand champ the best chicken place in Keller… CHICK-FIL-LA

And Cane’s comes in a close second.